Jessie Janeshek

Jessie Janeshek's chapbooks Spanish Donkey/Pear of Anguish and Rah-Rah Nostalgia are forthcoming from Grey Book Press and dancing girl press respectively. Invisible Mink is her full-length collection (Iris Press, 2010). An Assistant Professor of English and Director of Writing at Bethany College, she holds a Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and an M.F.A. from Emerson College. She co-edited the literary anthology Outscape: Writings on Fences and Frontiers (KWG Press, 2008).

Poems on the Web



“Sleepover Hands,” “Sleepover So We Dump out the Winter,” and “We Stare at Your Propped-up Corpse and Not the Camera” in Sidereal Journal 3 

“Hex Suck/Wolves Too,” “I Used to Be Pleased,” “Time Seems the Chasm. I Break the Glass.,” “What Does It Mean to Pull Away and Sustain?,” and “Every Step's Ceramic” in FRiGG 46

 “We Were the Center,” “Something Worse,” “Happenstance, Purple Version,” “I'm Your Best Thing,” “Sunsplit, Holistic,” and “Dusty Upstairs” in Otoliths 38

“You Sell Me Geronimo,” “The One They Shot, Past Your House,” and “Something Bad” in Honey Pot: A Journal of Intersectional Feminism

 “I Thought This Was a Prank Call and My TV the Safe Place” in Apeiron Review

 “Hydrotherapy” and “This Church Is Celebrity” in wicked alice


Alive, Well, and Clickable: 

“She’s Naked, Named Coda” and “Post-Haste” in gobbet

 “See the Wolves!” and “You Need Me Your Ice, the Brightest in Town” in Pouch 3

 “Jezebel Writes Well in Winter, Melts at the Riverpage Edge,” “The Vanishing Equinox,” “Brautbriefe 17,” “Jezebel Hushes the Vagrant,” and “This Is Your Life” in The Birds We Piled Loosely 4

 “The Pain of Young Want/Blah, Blah, Blah Those Lost Days” in Toad 5.2

 “Best in Show” and “Baby America” in Review Americana 10.1

“This Starts with Girls Fighting Birds in the Foyer” and “Chapped Draft/Handbasket” in Jet Fuel Review 9

“Spring Lag” in Bluestem

 “Minotaur Nutrition” in Alphanumeric

“From the Town Taxidermist's Blue-Faced Valentine” in Black Heart Magazine

“Winter 6” and "I Had a Heart Too Soon Made Glad” in Melusine 7.1

“The Best of My Love” in THE DESTROYER 4.1

“Square Dance” in Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal

"All I Felt Was the Dark Boy Manning the Swanboats" in baldhip 3

“Vodka Song/Volga Boatgirl” in decomP

“The Blonde Plague,” “Poor Little Rich Girl,” and “Red Velvet/Relevant Carnival Carol” in Uut Poetry

I Climb Down the Tree One-Handed and in Another Life,” “Piney and Buoyant, We Wave, Consecrate,” “Ode to Joy,” “Painstaking,” and “This Is the Shaky Phase” in Flapperhouse 3 (Flapperhouse is a print publication, but these poems were featured online as “teasers.”)

“Jezebel Drives” and “Chronophobia 8” in Thirteen Myna Birds (Pieces published by this journal are "etherized" when a new set of 13 works is chosen; hence, no link to my specific poems.)

“Into the Bedroom, Bright Horse,” “Summeryawn 1,” and “In Deep Midwinter” in One Trick Pony Review 2

“You Said Our Summer of Love," "Orphan Lines," and "He Knows a Storm Comes on” in Country Music 7

“Jezebel Wants” and “Bridge,” One Trick Pony Review: O Taste and See, Auvillar Edition

“Orifice Overture Our Horsekeeper’s Daughter,” “Musée Poupée,” “How to Imagine Zephyr in Summer," and "Chronopoem Contrejour” in Otoliths 34

“Fleshing Out the Blonde Dahlia Deux,” “Crime Scene Queen,” “The Policeman Sees Morals through Her Red Hot Slit,” “Black Dahlia Combo,” and “Crime Scene 19” in Menacing Hedge 4.01

“Jezebel and Zephyr: The Last Proto-War Comedy” in Timber 2

It’s Not What You Need, But It Acts Like a Remedy” in MadHat Lit

“Her Boots” in The Written Wardrobe

“Appetizers/Afterlives” and “Version with the Men Out” in gobbet

“Southern Cross Syndrome,” “Every Night at Dark Farm,” and “Play Misty for Me Again” in THE DESTROYER 3.1

“Night Shift/Nuit Suite” and “Cousine, Cousine” in One Trick Pony Review 1

“Showpoem, Contrejour,” “(Pretend You’re in a Place) Sans Penumbra,” “Initiation of Zephyr,”
and “For
 Eddie, the Cynosure, Wherever You Are” in Word For/Word 22

“Chronophobia 1,” “Between Zephyr’s Legs a Scritch and a Twing,” “Tentative Weather,” “No Claude Beauchene,” and “The Gypsy Drum” in Menacing Hedge 2.04

“Showpoem,” “Swing Poem on the Post-war Trapeze,” and “Cop-out Poem/When Zephyr Rings in Brunettes” in smoking glue gun 5

Maison Jamais Vu,” in Thrush

“Leave Her to Heave--,” “For Leonora, Through Keyholes,” “Ripper Arietta,” “Jezebel a Cheval,”
and “Sic Gloria Transit” in ditch

“Llamar o tocar a la puerta part deux” and “Jezebel Writes of Guilt” in gobbet

“Maltese Dictophone/Leonora” in Counterexample Poetics

“What’s Ten Pounds? An Hour?,” “The Lullabyed Rerhyme/Nullipara,” and “Dream/Adoration 5th Week” in Otoliths 27

“Fragile Jezebel/Birthday Advent,” “(A Pageant Poem) Pouring Green Acid,” and “Full-House Chronophobia/Hide-Out Poem” in Jet Fuel Review 1

“Calypso in the Suburbs” and “Helen to Telemachus” in Fickle Muses 5

“Holiday, Cuba,” “Jezebel 5(6),” and “Love in a Fireproof Box (or Jezebel speaks to her Eva Phillips self)” in Blue & Yellow Dog 2 (This publication folded, sadly, so there is no link.)

“Flaming June” and “Sorry, Wrong Number” in Otoliths 17

“This is the Twentieth Century, and We Get to New York on Time” in Rougarou 4.1

“Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry” in Moria 10.4

“Lunch” and “When Valerie Gives You a Necklace” in Review Americana 2.1