Jessie Janeshek

Jessie Janeshek's chapbooks Spanish Donkey/Pear of Anguish and Rah-Rah Nostalgia are forthcoming from Grey Book Press and dancing girl press respectively. Invisible Mink is her full-length collection (Iris Press, 2010). An Assistant Professor of English and Director of Writing at Bethany College, she holds a Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and an M.F.A. from Emerson College. She co-edited the literary anthology Outscape: Writings on Fences and Frontiers (KWG Press, 2008).

“Jessie Janeshek’s poems teach you how to shoulder them by shouldering you. It gets so there are way more shoulders than bodies then they teach you to body. The body in question opens its coat revealing steam enough for all your pressing needs, a landscape of singing snakes and messages carved up from under your skin, as the body questions its chalk outline until it quivers into lace. All the voices say ‘step right up,’ so step right up.”
Michael Sikkema, author of Die Die Dinosaur

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